告诉你的故事 & Reach Your Target Audience With Purpose Through Social Media

The 3 R's Of 社交媒体营销 ROI

Social media has grown, evolved and massively scaled over the last decade. What was once a nice-to-have is now a powerful foundational touchpoint, with the power to not just support existing customers, 但是与前景, build relationships and drive immediate, measurable impact to your bottom line -- and beyond.

That said, simply having a social media presence isn’t enough to move the needle. By digging in and understanding the impact of your social efforts, you’ll be able to turn up what works and shift what doesn’t. 和, 从那里, you’ll be able to maximize your social footprint and create a consistent, cohesive brand experience that engages consumers and inspires them to take action. That’s where the three “Rs” of social media come in...

Use Social Media To Conduct RESEARCH

Social media gives you unparalleled access to your core consumers. But, too often, brands don’t leverage this in their research and development. 根据 Kalypso Social Media and Product Innovation, 70%的受访品牌表示,他们计划利用社交媒体进行研究,但只有三分之一的品牌已经制定了实现这一目标的计划.

Not only is this is a missed opportunity, 但它会阻碍你和你的企业充分利用社交平台. By soliciting feedback from social followers, unpacking your audience demographics and reviewing what they’re engaging with when, 你将能够更好地理解是什么让你的消费者选择——这将有助于你满足客户的需求, so you can take your marketing and messaging to the next level.

Use Social Media To RETAIN Customers

While many businesses 焦点 their time and talent on acquiring new customers, often the real revenue comes from existing buyers and long-term loyalists. 平均, 吸引和激活新客户的成本是留住现有客户的5倍. So, while driving new consumers into your pipeline is important, 充分利用现有的客户群是至关重要的——这就是社交媒体的用武之地.

Social media is a critical retention tool. Not only does it provide another more personal platform for consumers to engage, but it brings them face-to-face with your business. Where else can they post on your consumer-facing profile, share feedback directly with your business and, 整体, interact with your customer base and with YOU -- all with a few quick clicks? 除此之外,, social works -- 据Sprout Social报道, 利用社交媒体进行营销和留住客户的努力,可以使客户支出增加20%-40%.

To make the most of your retention opportunities, 确保你在追踪社交关注者与非社交关注者之间的留存率,以及他们采取重复行动的时间, 他们对什么做出了反应,以及任何其他元素表明什么是有效的,什么不是. 从这里, 你将能够更好地理解是什么促使现有消费者更深入地挖掘你的品牌,这样你就可以制定战略并优化未来的参与努力.

Use Social Media To Get REFERRALS

推荐和口口相传是, 真正的, the oldest marketing methods out there -- and, 仍然, 它们是最引人注目的. 有趣的是, 虽然, today’s consumers don’t need to hear it from a trusted friend, 亲戚或同事. 今天的消费者更倾向于信任一个完全陌生的在线评论并采取行动,就像他们来自第一手评论一样. 根据

Small Business Trends, 84% of consumers trust online reviews of small businesses. 利用这一点,你可以很容易地利用你的忠实用户的力量来驱动新消费者——那些来到桌前准备购买的消费者.

The best way to gauge, evolve and scale these efforts? By integrating UTM codes so you can tap into advanced tracking and referral systems. Your viral feedback and the results that emerge will be completely trackable, 哪一个将帮助你更好地增加和增强你的口碑宣传努力的力量——努力哪一个, 据Sprout Social报道, can drive 20%-50% of all purchase decisions.

通过专注于这三个r,你将能够充分利用你现在和未来的社交媒体, 更多参与, consideration and conversions among new and existing consumers. 做得正确, social media can be the lynchpin of your marketing efforts, 与其他任何一家商店相比,提供更多拥有更大购买力的消费者——而成本只是价格的一小部分,浪费也只是一小部分. That’s the power of social media -- and that’s powerful.


New media platforms have shifted the dynamic between business and consumer. Communication isn’t a one way street anymore. 社交媒体和在线评论要求更高的透明度和问责性. Cobblestone can work in tandem with your team, bringing our own expertise to your branded social media. 我们的战略, 以解决方案为导向的方法将帮助你找到与你的客户建立伙伴关系的方法, 并以前所未有的方式与你的听众联系和互动.


True social media advertising is both targeted and collaborative. 我们将使用数据和分析来帮助你找到你从未接触过的感兴趣的受众. By combining public relations messaging with the latest search media best practices, social media is an extremely effective way to connect with your audience. 这种与当前和潜在客户的一对一互动很有影响力,因为它发生在你的受众已经在评估你的产品的时候. 如果做得好, social media marketing can create unpaid visitors, expand awareness and give personality to your brand, making your company’s identity more authentic and approachable.


社交媒体是一个品牌整体营销和传播时时彩霸主破解的关键部分. 我们将从使用沉浸式和下载会议开始,以更好地理解您的业务目标和客户概况. 然后我们将运用最新的新媒体和工具来寻找和影响您的受众. 因为它使用了成本变量和目标时时彩霸主破解,这是传统活动所没有的, social media marketing is uniquely customizable. 我们会和你一起制定一个时时彩霸主破解来增加你的用户数量,增加你的底线. Once in place we can interact with your audience directly. 这既为你的品牌提供了安全缓冲,又使你的在线身份更加活跃, 有效的和有效的.