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All too often brands see their website like the baseball diamond in Field of Dreams — if they build it, 顾客自然会来. But, unlike that mythical baseball field in Iowa, websites aren’t so cut and dry. 没有伟大的内容, 智能参与时时彩霸主破解和用户友好设计, you’ll likely be scrambling for meaningful traffic from day one on — not ideal from a brand-building perspective.

So what do you need to ensure your website is effective, efficient and maximizes every engagement? 从这10个必须拥有的开始:


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1. 以智慧、战略和相关内容为核心

No matter the nature of your site, chances are it could benefit from quality content. Not only will good content give consumers a reason to come back again and again, but it gives you more touch points than just the transactional ones. 从尽早建立一个强大的编辑日历开始, with wiggle room so you can pivot based on consumer engagement and response. And, 同样重要的是, be sure to focus on high value content that’s in line with your overarching brand experience. Posting content that doesn’t align with your brand proposition and general tone will likely alienate customers. Likewise, constantly pushing to your products and services doesn’t lend much value and, also, 很有可能把人吓跑.

2. 定义你的听众,并与他们交谈

Likewise, be sure your entire site is targeted to your core audience or segments. Consumers not only want they expect a relevant experience when they visit a website — an experience that, 具体地说, 对他们说, 他们的需求. Miss the mark and there’s a good chance they’ll abandon your site for one that aligns.

3. 不要害怕混合使用

Video, images, text, interactive experiences — they’re all great ways to engage your audience. 不要害怕使用多种形式来讲述你的故事. Page after page of text — or long lists of videos or slideshows — can get boring fast, 并让消费者运行. Mix it up to keep their attention and pull them deeper and deeper into your digital experience.

4. 给一个小

While it’s tempting to restrict all the good stuff for registered users, consumers are used to getting what they want when they want it with no strings attached. If you can’t share everything — maybe yours is a paid site or requires some level of authentication — at least give enough to satisfy their immediate needs and encourage registration, 注册会员或. Again, it’s easy enough to find content and products everywhere online and, 如果他们不能在你的平台上激发兴趣的话, 他们会去别的地方.


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5. 像用户一样思考

用户体验- UX -是任何网站成功的关键. 品牌往往过于注重创意和内容, but miss one key detail in their site launch: approaching it like a consumer. 能有奇妙的经历真好, 接触点和信息, 而是从A点到B点的旅程是直观的? Can users easily navigate your site and find what they’re looking for now? 注意力持续时间越来越短, 往往, subpar UX leads to high bounce rates and a drop in repeat visitors — not good. 花时间像客户一样浏览你的网站. 如果你发现你不能给出一个诚实的评估, 利用朋友, family or any of the user testing platforms out there — some start at $100 or less for a basic test.

6. 拥抱空白

Apple is the master of white space, and it’s worked out pretty well for them! 从神经营销的角度来看,空白空间是很好的. Not only does it prevent the brain from trying to take in too much at once, but it gives consumers some much needed time to pause and digest. Think about how you feel when a site has too much information, media or other calls to action. It’s overwhelming, it’s stressful and it’s likely to push you away from the brand, not deeper in. Don’t feel like you have to cram everything into your site all at once. Embrace the white space and use it to pull consumers further and further into your digital experience to learn more.

7. 保持简单

而一个聪明的, intuitive, 设计良好的网站吸引消费者, there’s also a good chance your audience comes to your site for a specific purpose — to research a certain topic, 买一双运动鞋或者读一篇特定的文章. 在用户体验方面,保持简单. 确保访客现在能找到他们想要的东西, 一旦他们做, 确保他们能够轻松地使用内容, 买鞋子或者分享信息. Ensure messaging and CTAs are simple and straightforward and keep connecting the dots throughout every stage of their brand journey.

8. 不要违背常规

美国人消费内容是为了, 平均, 11+ hours per day — and that means your consumers have a pretty solid understanding of how websites and other digital experiences work. Avoid the temptation to pull customers out of their comfort zones too too much and focus more on creating smart, seamless and simple experiences that they can quickly and easily navigate. 虽然你可能认为你把事情带入了下一个阶段, it’s more likely that you’re driving up the confusion factor — never a good thing.



9. 努力保持一致性和凝聚力

消费者不是一维的,但是, instead, 从一个平台跳到另一个平台, 经验经验, 接触点到接触点. 确保, 无论他们如何与你的品牌打交道, there’s a level of consistency and cohesion that enforces your core brand values and attributes. 如果用户熟悉你的商店, 例如, but your site feels entirely different they’ll likely be confused and turned off — from your site and, possibly, 从你的品牌一般.

10. 告诉读者该做什么,他们就会去做!

信不信由你,人们想要别人告诉他们该做什么. 尤其是在数字世界, 我们面临着如此多的选择, 每时每刻都有选择和决定. 有一定的管理水平,换句话说, 为我们制定下一步计划,实际上是一件好事. 这就是为什么消费者渴望清晰、具体的cta.

如何使之成为你的优势? 简单地告诉站点访问者您希望他们接下来做什么. 点击即可获得免费试用? 直接说出来——用大的、粗体的字母或者突出的按钮. 注册你的电子通讯? 告诉他们去做,并创造一条清晰的完成之路. The more obvious the path is within your site experience, the better.

当你发布网站的时候, 很有可能, 这是建立品牌的关键一步, it’s important to lay the groundwork first — and that means great content, an emphasis on the user experience and a clear consistency and cohesion with your brand. 考虑到无尽的内容选择, 服务和产品, consumers need to feel that instant pang of connectivity with your digital destination or they’ll head elsewhere — and, likely, 永远不会回来. Focus on creating the best possible experience filled with relevant touch points and clear paths and you’ll not only add a compelling brand extension but, 同时, cultivate an audience of engaged consumers now and in the future.